Saturday, August 23, 2008

luca and piper

piper eats

Piper's third meal is a baked apple. And a day later is avocado.

Untitled from michael cozens on Vimeo.

back home to wellington and winter

Luca got bunk beds.  

past Sooke, almost to Jordan River

Neal, Melissa +1, Sofiya, Miles, Tyler, Brenda, Ry, Justin, Carissa, Ysa, Eva, Cande, Camille, Kelly, Mike, Luca and Piper.


Rabbit hunting at UVic with the Lee's.  Luca and Tyler fed one rabbit and then chased/exercised all the rabbits for an hour.  Someone told them they would probably catch a rabbit if they were all holding hands.

Ryan and Brenda's dinner

Ryan, Brenda, Shirley, Tyler, Miles, Camille, Cande, Eva, Leah, Weston, Josephine, Piper, Fardad, Trish, Kian, Sacha, Mike B, Kelly, Mike C, Luca and Piper.