Monday, March 24, 2008

Eastery stuff

Sunday Morning we had a little egg hunt at home and then went to Nick and Justine's for a great brunch and sugary kid madness.  A very cool morning in spite of the hangover from the Turkey feast with the Reynolds the night before.  

Turkey dinner...

It's the New Zealand ultra extenda summer here.  We are enjoying it with some evening beach goof-offs.  

Luca picked out his birthday cake.  It was chocolate raspberry.  

Birthday present shock/daze.  Like a deer in the headlights...

4th Birthday tomorrow!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Luca's 4th

Snippets from the birthday party...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Attn: Temptation = South Pacific

Attention Friends and Family:

In case you haven't looked at a map in awhile I wanted to point out that the South Pacific lies smack between Canada and New Zealand.  So, in theory, you could come and visit us and then spend a week or two in paradise on your way home.  Mom and Dad Cozens did just that.  They have just returned to Victoria and i received some photos this morning.  They were really raving about it.   They went to Rarotonga and then on to Aitutaki.  

Guinea Pig Food

Luca off to school with food for the Guinea Pigs.    With all the craziness I have had the pleasure of taking Luca to school and spending more time with him in general.  There are all sorts of great moments where I catch him singing to himself and making up stories.  His imagination is bubbling over.  

Scott and Sara, we got the Christmas gifts! Thank you!!  I came home at lunch and Luca and Piper were in their new duds.  See below....    Luca was really fascinated by the watchmen and was reading it in his room.  I checked it out later and realized it is kind of violent.  (shit!  Dad's bad!).  I went to the library the next day and got him some other comics so that he has his own. He pours over the Tintin comics.  

Scott, I bought you this V-Rex bust from a Weta Workshop sale and was going to ship it.  Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for me as I am hanging it on the wall in the mean time) it is way bigger and heavier than I thought so you can take it home when you come and visit (tempting hey?).   Kelly hates it.  : )  She would like you to pick it up asap. 

A couple days before Mom and Dad leave for the cook islands....