Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's a girl!

February 6th 2008.  Bob Marley's birthday and Waitangi Day (New Zealand's "Canada day").   It's the last day of the year of the pig.  We woke up and Kelly was dozing on the couch after a sleepless night.   Her contractions were about 5 minutes apart and lasting 30 seconds.   A beautiful sunny day for a birthday.  

Fiona arrives at 10 AM.  Everything looking good.  We set up the pool.  By noon or 1 things were pretty full on.  3 contractions in 10 minutes.  

By 6 or 7 Kelly started pushing.  After an hour things weren't moving along.  The head seemed to be not tucked down making it difficult to get the cervix fully open.  The baby was squirming to get it right and making things uncomfortable.  Kelly is disappointed when we find out she is only dilated 6cm.

For the next four + hours things are difficult.  Kelly is exhausted and things aren't moving. Luca goes to bed around 10.  He wants to do this tomorrow.  Fiona does another exam close to 11.  She has almost fully dilated.  Luca is up again with Grandma and is very worried.  He wants to send the baby somewhere else.  The head is still a little stuck but things are close.  11:15 she starts to push.  11:20 we have a baby.  A baby girl.  Almost 9 pounds.  Slightly overcooked.Wrinkly skin as the vernix  has come off.   Long fingers and fingernails.  Beautiful.   These blurry photos are a few minutes later.  Luca's 'new brown baby' (new born baby).  We can see the stress come off everyone.  Luca is very interested in everything now.  Placenta.  Cut the cord.  Drinks.  Relief.  Sleep.  Kelly finally lies down in the bed she has been wanting since noon.  

Shots from the next day.  Everyone is doing well.  Dad went for a little surf and stood up a couple times.  



Lucas said...

woohoooooo !!!
looks like a new being has entered the world to add some goodness :)

enjoy your new acquaintance!


judy clarke said...
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Anonymous said...

So great to hear the good news and what a little cutie she is. Have a great time enjoying the new addition to your family.


Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous and Kelly is my new hero! Inspiration to us all.


Wally Hobbs said...

Congratulations y'all, from Wally Jr, Molly, and Owen. Kelly and Luca are quite the champions in our eyes. I imagine Mike's role was no less heroic if less obvious! Can't wait to meet the new addition ...

Pat Lieblich said...

Cngratulations, Kelly, Mike and Luca. Piper is so sweet, you must all be so delighted with her.
Kelly you did an amazing job and it looks as if Luca was a big help as well. I enjoyed all your pictures.
Looking forward to meeting Piper next summer.

Linda said...

Congratulations Kelly, Lucas and Mike. So happy to hear of your addition to the family. We know that Grammy Kathy will be sending along all kinds of "pink" things for you to dress up your little Princess. Have fun getting to know each other - it is so exciting. Best wishes Linda Schutz & Bob Morgan - Vancouver