Sunday, May 11, 2008

rainy weekend

Knitted hat a la K.   Fall in Zealand...

 Luca seems to be fasting in the days (no idea how he grows)  but sometimes he wakes up super hungry anywhere from 4am.  The shot below is breakfast at the crack of dawn.   

The pictures above are from Saturday.  A nice rainy weekend goofing around including a sweet walk to the store for a bottle of wine.


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys! Piper is sooooooo gorgeous and Kelly you look amazing as always. Luca is so big now and shares an interest in fasting with Ronan. We have put our toques away for the summer as you brought your out of the closet for fall. Still so weird to know Wellington is so far away. They are having a New Zealnd wine festival here!!!Can't wait to see you all in July (we hope!!!).


Sunscreen Information said...

Piper is the sweetest little muffin! I see Master Luca is getting to be quite the going concern. I miss all of you. Kelly, I see you've been knitting wonderful things. I always look forward to checking out your blog.

Gina & Hélène