Saturday, June 7, 2008

a kind of December

Knit pants by Grandma C and knit vest by K.  The pants are getting snug as Kelly attempts to build a completely round baby out of milk.   

Early June = early December.  Windy but sunny Saturday.  Luca and I played in the sandbox rescuing buried cars.  We went around the front of the house to get in the sun and ending up walking all the way down to the beach and the park.  Some shots of the path.  I made up a story (a mash up of all the myths I could think of) which I told him in 3 parts over the day.  I saved the stunning conclusion for the walk home which worked to keep the little legs moving.  Piper slept through it all.  

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Ouchichi said...

Man, I can't believe how those kids have grown, especially the tall one with the baby on his back. No, wait, that's Mike!

Hehe, your little family looks radiant, just wish I could say hello and see little Piper in person ^_^