Monday, March 24, 2008

Eastery stuff

Sunday Morning we had a little egg hunt at home and then went to Nick and Justine's for a great brunch and sugary kid madness.  A very cool morning in spite of the hangover from the Turkey feast with the Reynolds the night before.  

Turkey dinner...

It's the New Zealand ultra extenda summer here.  We are enjoying it with some evening beach goof-offs.  

Luca picked out his birthday cake.  It was chocolate raspberry.  

Birthday present shock/daze.  Like a deer in the headlights...

4th Birthday tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the photos of Luca and his little sister Piper, so sweet together. We are enjoying the beginnings of Vancouver spring (cherry blossoms, crocus, some sunny and warm days) while envying your late summer beach fun... Piper is so gorgeous!


As-time-goes-by said...

Happy Birthday, Luca! I hope you had a great day.
Piper is beautiful and I can see that Luca has many wonderful friends. Do I detect a Kiwi accent coming from him in the videos?

Enjoy your summer while we keep digging out.

Lots of love to all, Gina