Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guinea Pig Food

Luca off to school with food for the Guinea Pigs.    With all the craziness I have had the pleasure of taking Luca to school and spending more time with him in general.  There are all sorts of great moments where I catch him singing to himself and making up stories.  His imagination is bubbling over.  

Scott and Sara, we got the Christmas gifts! Thank you!!  I came home at lunch and Luca and Piper were in their new duds.  See below....    Luca was really fascinated by the watchmen and was reading it in his room.  I checked it out later and realized it is kind of violent.  (shit!  Dad's bad!).  I went to the library the next day and got him some other comics so that he has his own. He pours over the Tintin comics.  

Scott, I bought you this V-Rex bust from a Weta Workshop sale and was going to ship it.  Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for me as I am hanging it on the wall in the mean time) it is way bigger and heavier than I thought so you can take it home when you come and visit (tempting hey?).   Kelly hates it.  : )  She would like you to pick it up asap. 

A couple days before Mom and Dad leave for the cook islands....  

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Anonymous said...

I wish we could afford to fly out to meet Miss Piper, see you guys and visit the South Pacific, it looks breath taking. Loving the photo of Piper on G-Pa, she is gorgeous.